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A wonderful review of our Wedding Photographer, Paul Mackie Photographer


We first met Paul Mackie whilst trying to find a decent band to play at our wedding.  Paul was playing our favourite haunt with his band DoC and I approached him to see if he would be interested in playing ours.  Unfortunately the band were unavailable on our date but whilst chatting with Paul and moaning about the challenges of organising a wedding in Aberdeen that wont require a second mortgage Paul mentioned he was a professional Photographer which was yet another thing we still had to book.  We went to the internet, checked out his work, liked what we saw and put the wheels in motion.





From the get go communication with Paul was hassle free.  He was available to us via phone, text or email and the best bit was he actually REPLIED to us.  Something a lot of people working in the wedding industry could learn a lesson from!  We arranged a meeting with Paul at the reception venue and we shared lunch.  The purpose of this meeting primarily was for us to get to know Paul a bit better and for him to get to know us, what we liked, what we disliked and to get a gauge on what we wanted for our wedding package.  He brought a large variety of sample of his work, the albums and the materials and we were really happy with what we saw.  I feel like we really clicked with Paul.  He’s a genuinely nice bloke and his ethics stand out as soon as you chat to him.



In the weeks and days prior to the big day plans and timelines were finalised.  With every other aspect of the wedding going around in our heads like a tornado Paul continued to make us feel completely at ease with the whole situation.  Nothing was a bother. He had an exterior of total calm whilst those around were losing their heads.

On the day itself Paul was where he said he was going to be, when he said he was going to be.  He spent a long time on the wedding morning with the bridal party capturing them getting ready with both candid and posed shots.  He then hot-tailed it across town to get the preparation shots of the groom and the groomsmen.










In the run up to and during the ceremony he was everywhere and nowhere.  He captured amazing shots whilst we hardly knew he was there. When it came to the group shots we were probably every photographers nightmare.  To put it mildly, getting everybody where they needed to be was like trying to herd cats.  Like everything else, Paul took it in his stride and nailed the pictures he needed to take.

We were dreading the bride and groom shots as neither of us is particularly ‘natural’ in front of a camera but, as always, Paul put us at ease and really captured the moment and the mood.  He has a great knack of getting good poses and will go to great effort to get the perfect photo (we even had to ask him politely to step away from a cliff edge as no photo will ever be worth a 200ft plunge down a rocky gorge!!)

Paul accommodated our ideas at every step of the way, even venturing into one of Aberdeen harbour’s less salubrious establishments to capture candid shots of us sharing a first pint as man and wife. Like at the ceremony, during the reception Paul disappeared into the background and continued taking the most amazing photographs whilst at no point thrusting his camera into anybody’s face.  He was the man that wasn’t there.








In the post production the the service we had been spoiled with in the run-up and on the day continued.  All the photo’s were made available to us quickly via his website which is a great platform for viewing his work.  We really could not have been happier with what we saw and all of our friends and family who viewed the gallery were most complimentary of his work.  We had a really hard time narrowing down the near 400 photos to the 60 required for the album.  In fact we failed altogether and had to discuss with Paul to get extra pages added to the album – which was no fuss or hassle for him.  We were involved in the album design and layout and Paul had us over to his home to finalise everything.

Our album arrived exactly when he said it would, just over a week after we signed off on everything and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.









I would not think twice about recommending Paul Mackie Photography to anybody.  I have nothing but good things to say about our time shared with him and his work and skill have become an integral part of the happiest day of our lives.  Paul is very skilled at what he does and he knows it too, which is why he was able to produce something for us that is of the very highest standard.  He is a gentleman, a humanitarian and now a friend.  And he’s not a terrible singer and guitarist to boot! 😉



With love.

Sam and Heidi Hill

For Bookings email Paul at info@paulmackiephotography.co.uk




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