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A tale of true Love on Valentines


 A tale of true Love on Valentines

Hi Everyone, and thank you for taking a few minutes to read my Valentines Post.

Its clear that these photographs were not taken around Scotland where I usually do my work as a photographer so let me explain.

I had travelled to Cambodia so as to holiday and chat through another venture with a friend of mine and during this very relaxing and productive time I had arranged to meet and old College friend Chae and her partner Helen who had just set out on the adventure around the world that most of us only dream of but never actually do.


Whilst I know Chae very well I had never really spent much time with her partner Helen, She is also an amazing woman, calm, direct, and a talented Chef, nom nom. We did partake in loads of amazing food.



It Became apparent that these two fun ladies work so well together and that they understand each others needs, wants and skills. Very handy for travelling the world.                I observed a mutual respect at almost every turn and that was just Beautiful!


So it turns out that they are getting Married….  at long last, and the discussion turned from Comedy/ fun Vegas wedding to a deeper more considered decision, and that was to be at home close to their loved ones.  At this point I was chosen to be their wedding photographer and for this I am delighted and feel Honoured.  So I got to work with their engagement shoot right there and then in Cambodia and with the background of The ancient Khmer temples of Angkor Wat and Thom. (see Lara Croft for more details)

Here the girls Story straight from their current destination of Thailand……


“We’ve been going out for 6 years now, engaged for 2 and a half. We knew each other and admired from afar then one day we both knew that had to change. We just fell in love so fast and each day we grew stronger and stronger. We decided to travel the world instead of spending our money on a big wedding and now we have a little longer to decide how we want to do it rather than rushing in to it!”


“As luck would have it Paul, who, I met at college some years ago,wast travelling in Cambodia at the exact time we were travelling through it so we met up with no discussion of him taking our photos – just meeting for a crazy adventure – I thought it would be his worst nightmare to take pictures when he was having a break from it all, but his beautiful camera came out (camera envy)  as we walked around Angkor Wat and it just came to him naturally!”


“He made us feel really comfortable and relaxed and had lots of different clever ideas for the photos, without being invasive to our time that we were all spending together there. What a wonderful way to spend time at the temples with a sneaky engagement shoot, and some brilliant photos and memories to take away from it all!”

Chae & Helen


We had a blast and now these two monkeys shall continue their journey together for ever..  (Above…. before celebration drinky)  (Below …. after celebration drinky)

Love from Paul



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